List of Indian / Swadeshi Toothpaste Brands

Today on this page I am going to share the comprehensive list of Swadeshi or Indian Toothpaste brands with you as all are very well versed with that the Indian Economy getting weaker year by year and it can be easily understand via comparing USD to INR. I have seen somewhere on net that in 1970 $1 was equal to Rs.4 and today in 2015 what our INR (Rs.) become very weaker as today 1 USD is equal to around Rs. 66.

1970 $1 = INR 4

2015 $1 = INR 66 (approx)

The meaning of this comparison is not that USD getting stronger instead it shows our Rs. getting weaker why it happens as several PM changed but no one could make stronger our economy. They fail because of us because we don’t buy Indian Products some time for quality reason and most of the time because of its price instead of this most of the people are not aware about the Indian products as they want to buy it that’s the reason I decided to publish such type of posts. So , that people can know the Indian products and try to buy maximum Swadeshi Products because it will make stronger our economy. As this page contain only List of Swadeshi Toothpaste if you want to see complete list of swadeshi products for daily use purpose can see my this article “List of Swadeshi Products for Daily Use”  without taking your anymore time let’s move to comprehensive list of Indian or Swadeshi Toothpaste Brands which is pasted below.

Indian or Swadeshi Toothpaste Brands

Vico Bajradanti
Gurukul Pharmacy
Patanjali(Dant Kanti, Dant Manjan)

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More Toothpaste brands will be update very soon if you know any brands please share it with us I will update this list and make it healthier and it can’t be possible without your support in case you want to know that is any products is Indian or not then you can identify it very easily via Google to know how read this “How to Know is Product Indian or Not?”.

As I am doing little effort to make our Indian Economy stronger and hope after reading it you also would like to play a vital role in it. So starts, today buying Indian products and share this list with your friends, colleagues and relatives so that, it can reach to maximum peoples. If you want to give any feedback, suggestion or query which can help to improve please post it in below comment box.

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